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Love Changes Everything

I have been changed by Love Itself.

I have been on an incredible journey in my life so far, from finding my faith in serving soup to the homeless, to being in both a seminary and a monastery, to now being happily married and a father. Throughout all this time I have seen so many different ways that God has called me to know Him, to know Love Itself.

So it makes sense for me to release my website on Valentine's Day. Our world is fractured. The message of Love and the possibility of living an abundant life is being overshadowed by the message of fear and scarcity. Deep down we all want our world to become better and we want our lives to become better, but what are the steps we need to take to turn our dreams into a reality?

Honesty and Realizing You are Loved.

I truly believe we cannot become the person we are meant to be unless we are honest with ourselves. I always think of the T.V. show, "House M.D." Every couple of seasons there is an episode where the patient, who has a rare disease, is embarrassed to mention a symptom that they have. It is always that symptom which allows House and his team to figure out what the disease is, and then decide on the right treatment.

Being truly honest with oneself can be a scary place, but in my experience, that is where true healing and growth can occur. In working with different people across all different ages, I found out I am not the only one who struggles with being honest with themselves. Before I could reach that place, I had to meet people who did not judge me. These people all shared one specific thing: they knew they were Loved completely for who they were, all the good parts, and the parts that could be better.

Realizing I was Loved so completely, fully and totally happened after my son was born.

The Flash of Inspiration

My favorite T.V. show is "The Flash" on the C.W. The Flash (Barry Allen) is such a good guy, whose power is super speed. One night when he was a child, he awoke because of a noise in the living room. He went downstairs and saw his mother surrounded by two lightning bolts, and then he's transported one block away. On returning home he sees his father being arrested, and when he goes into his home, he finds out that his mother has been murdered. Fast forward 14 years later, Barry is a superhero who can run so fast that he can travel back in time. He realizes he now has the option to save his mother's life. Barry goes to tell his father, who is still in jail, and his father says No. His father then goes on to say that he is so proud of Barry, and that if he changes the past, Barry will lose what makes him so special. Then Barry's father says this:

Sometimes in life we are given these incredible moments where something in us awakens, where something in us changes.

Something in Us Awakens

It is this message of Love which can change how we see ourselves, how we see others, how we see our world. That is I want to share with as many people as I can. The message of Love is transformative, and it is the one thing we need to hear to change everything.

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