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Capture Your Ideas

Capture your ideas!

"Failure many times is attributed to a lack of information on how to succeed."

-Jim Rohn

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I wanted to share an idea that I heard today. This idea began to connect with different concepts that were already in my mind. Jim Rohn was talking about journaling, and he mentioned that one function of a journal is to capture great ideas. He talked about how powerful ideas can come and go and that they tend to come with friends. SO WRITE THEM DOWN! Write them together and see the connections. Do not trust your memory with this stuff.

One thing that has helped me in personal growth is learning new things. It allows me to be inspired by a new thought and remove self-imposed limitations. Saying "that can't be done" is a sure fire way to fail at something. Here is a crazy thought: how could someone build a house out of drops of water? How can someone take one idea and form it into a massive corporation, novel, lifestyle change, invention? I believe it all starts with capturing an idea. I believe it starts with capturing your idea. Follow my thoughts for a sec:

One drop of water. A single idea. It is fluid, life-giving, it always comes from a source larger than itself, and can be used for the benefit of anything that needs it.

Capture the drop of water and it becomes a frozen moment in time. Capture an idea (by writing it down) and will be expanded later. In and of itself it is very beautiful, but few of us will ever see just one snowflake. An idea needs a context, it needs to be seen and appreciated in its relationship to others.

Every year in Sweden the Torne river freezes and over 2500 block of ice are carved out of the river. In essence many different snowflakes come together to form a block of ice. Similarly, your idea can be part of something larger, and once it is combined with others it can form a powerful concept. This concept might be the seed for something much larger that cannot be imagined at this very moment.

In the hand of an artist the ice comes alive. In the hands of a person who can get things done, your concept could change you, and the life of everyone around you. Become that person who can get things done. Expand your mind. Read about as many different ideas as you can, and find people with whom you can share!

You might end up with something like the Ice Hotel in Sweden. This place has got everything. Ice beds, ice bar, animal sheets, art everywhere and it will be melting in April. The hotel is built every year and they have different artist come to use the ice as their canvas.

Your idea could be like that. It could create a company, a non-profit organization, ways of helping people learn, gain self-confidence, grow closer to God, help others to achieve their dreams while you are achieving yours, etc... You are only limited by what you choose to be limited by.

And don't forget, even the Ice Hotel was someone's idea first...

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